Texts in English

Midas Touch, text for exhibition in The Regional Art Gallery, Liberec, CZ

Dr. Brain, text accompanying the exhibition, NAU Gallery, Prague 2017

Paradoxical Happiness, text accompanying the exhibition, Nitrianska Galéria, Nitra, SK, 2017

Moveretext for exhibition in The Brno House of Arts, Brno, CZ, 2016

Jiří Franta & David Böhm: Blind Man’s Dreamtext accompanying the exhibition, Fait Gallery, Brno, CZ, 2016

Ivan Svoboda: Ice Age text for exhibition in Kostka Gallery, Meetfactory, Prague, 2016

Georg Ettl – Early works from 1960s and 1970s text for exhibition in Jiri Svestka Gallery, Berlin 2016

Mira Gáberová: Statue of Everything text for exhibition in Open Source Gallery, New York, 2015

That Building doesn’t Belong Here text for exhibition in Karlin Studios Gallery, Prague, 2015

Spaces of Narration. text accompanying the exhibition, NoD Gallery, Prague 2014

On the Verge of Falling Or the Encounter with Gravity in Contemporary Dance Thoughts on the laws of physics in dance inspired by production Correction by VerTeDance. Article on tanecniaktuality.cz, 2014.

Walking, Running, Dancing, Grasping, Fetching or Carryingtext accompanying the exhibition, NoD Gallery, Prague 2014

Structures of Movement, text accompanying the exhibition, NoD Gallery, Prague 2014

Hunky Dory text for exhibition in Karlin Studios, Prague, 2013

You have to buy when there is blood in the streets Accompaniyng text for exhibition and artistic project made by German artist Paul Wierbinski, which develops his idea of fabulation based on imaginary artistic persona of Ivo Burokvic. Karlin Studios Gallery, Prague 2013

Art Has No History!  text for exhibition in Karlin Studios, Prague, 2013

Roderick Hietbrink text for exhibition in I.D.A., Prague, 2012

The Phenomenology of the Ticket Hall Published in : Intruder : Florian Pumhösl and the Students,Academy of Fine Arts in Prague 2012, p. 813

West and East, or Archaeology of a Myth Published in : Anna Ptak (ed). : Re-tooling Residencies, CCA Ujazdowsky Castle, Warsaw 2011, p.231-233

Jiri David: Rust (Paintings 2006) published in Flash Art International. 2007