Midas Touch

Exhibiting artists: Natália Trejbalová, Zuzana Žabková, Iryna Zakharova, Milan Mazúr, Antonín Jirát, Ivana Pavlíčková, Andrea Mikysková

Curator: Viktor Čech

Date: January 18, 2018 – April 29, 2018

Venue: The Regional Art Gallery Liberec, Liberec, Czech Republic (http://www.ogl.cz)

The virtual extensions of our bodies are today an inevitable part of our everyday reality. Whether it is a mobile phone, social networking, or a computer game interface. The way we approach the real space of things around us has penetrated through the visual interface to the other side of the mirror, into the world that was before just a pictorial representation of ours. Once, it was an illusion or an autonomous form, today it is a heterotopic zone that is for us both here and there. Fetishes of consumer culture and a libidious game with the pleasure of physical contact have also been transferred to the virtual space. Our desires are to us as close as they are distant. This aesthetic trap is today fascinating for many of the younger generation of artists, who often express themselves with a visual language that is inspired by it. This project presents a selection of works that focus on the ambiguous role of the contemporary human body in this “game”.