Milan Mazúr: n0 way

HotDock – project space, Bratislava, Slovakia

Opening: February 12, 2018, 7pm

The present-day consumerist aesthetic of our material culture is constantly tempting us with its captivating glow. Being both simultaneously glistening and plush, it is not unlike the surface of an intoxicating beverage. Nevertheless, beneath this surface we can often sense the contours of something menacing; it seems that what we are trying to hide under this enchanting veil could be the symptoms of a crisis.

This spectre of our ever-consuming yet suppressed anxiety, which is constantly digesting the seemingly never-ending stream of pleasurable instigations. It is with this same impetus – reflecting today’s specific existential situation – that Michal Mazur reflects within his video and installation work.

Mazúr’s non-linear fragmented narratives are built up from recycled and original visual and material stimuli that unmask the interlaced trap of our lives, where we are continually being torn between anxiety and gratification. It reveals us as prisoners in the constantly accelerating, systematic consumerism of late capitalism.

Viktor Čech