A Strange Neighborhood – text in the book MODEL

The full text about Berlínskej Model Gallery is available in the book MODEL (Berlínskej Model 2011-2021) HERE

Prague’s Holešovice neighborhood, the borders of which are roughly formed by Strossmayer Square, the Trade Fair Palace, and the train tracks that cut through the area, definitely has its share of peculiarities – from the often rather off-putting odor of dog feces in its streets, which are in the perpetual shade of tall, pre-war apartment buildings, to its generally less elegant atmosphere than its sunnier, breezier uphill neighbor Letná, to the area’s long-standing connection with the artistic milieu. For several generations now, this district has not only had a large number of art studios and a higher concentration of artists living in it, but it has also been host to more than a few meeting places and sites of social ferment for the art community. When a person reaches a certain age and, like it or not, assumes the role of a memorialist, they can at least observe that, in spite of the many frustrations associated with generational shifts, even something that is constantly being re- born and displacing the past – something like the social organism of the young art scene – actually has its own often somewhat unconscious continuity….