Olga Mikh Fedorova, Milan Mazúr, Iryna Zakharova: CHIASMUS
Curated by Viktor Čech

Pragovka Gallery Rear, Prague
24. 5. – 5. 7. 2018

Are we a vector or vector intersection? I Is the objective presentation of our (in social networks constantly floating) self walking the street or, on the contrary, are we the evolutionary expansion of the organic substance of this planet, its tentacles, into the sphere of another, digital being? Playing with aesthetics of material installations and computer graphics, 3D models, or the spectacular illusion of postproduction of moving images is nowadays taken, also in the art, as a complex boxes, sometimes even in the work of one author. Similarly, the final form of this exhibition should follow this theme consisting of the work of three artists.

Olga Mikh Fedorova (*1980) realizes her artwork mainly through the work in the virtual space of 3D computer graphics. Her figurative scenes, which she presents both through videos and static prints and objects, use the contemporary aesthetics of recycled 3D models to surrealist tradition based on associations, deformations and unexpected encounters in which the human body plays its leading role and its innumerable physical and situational mutations. Her world “behind the mirror”, however, often reveals obvious critical references to what we actually experience in our half-physical, half-virtual experiences. The Moscow-born artist graduated at ENSAV La Cambre, Brussels (painting studio), and currently lives and works in Brussels.

Milan Mazúr (*1989) is the artist whose visual language is constantly balancing on the edge between the spectacularity of contemporary mass visuality and its questioning, including the critical social context. His videos and films enter a wider installation framework in which the author often uses the contrast of everyday subtleties and its expressive deconstruction. It constantly moves between the submissiveness of the artificial sweetener of the consumer culture, and it conceals the ubiquitous existential anxiety. The artist was born in Slovakia, graduated at the UMPRUM (Studio of Intermediate Confrontations) and currently lives and works in Prague.

Iryna Zakharova (*1985) has often played with videos, objects and installations with the moment when our popular visuals are literally under the skin. Her work with materials and seemingly trivial details exploits the strength of the association of everyday objects and everyday kitsch with physical experiences. Ukraine’s Kharkov-born author graduated at FAMU, Prague (photographic department).